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02 Jan 2017 in meblog

An Another New Year

So 2016 was a year for change for me. I started blogging weekly, quit my job at Dotsub to join Amazon and achieved some of my personal finance goals.

Looking back at 2016, I think I accomplished what I set out to do, be happier and enjoy life more. Blogging was once a chore but now I enjoy typing out a post with a morning coffee. Leaving Dotsub was a hard decision but so far it has been for the best.

This year I'm setting a few more goals than last. I'm also blogging them to have a better record to compare to next new year. So onward to 2017!

I want to find time to exercise 4-5 times a week. This use to be part of my routine last year. I could make excuses, but I simply need to get back to this!

Improve my guitar playing. I've been playing the guitar since I was a teenager. My skill level plateaued a long time ago. This is only because I don't use a structured practice routine. I just pick up the guitar and noodle. This year I'll set out to learn a few solos from my guitar heroes. This should improve my guitar chops.

I want to try using daily meditation. Maybe I've been listening too much Tim Ferriss, but I think meditation might be right for me. I'm addicted to this always on always connected existence we call life. Learning how to disconnect, even temporarily, will be good for me.

Ensure I stay in touch with old friends. I'm the worst at this, I'm such an introvert that I often forget to cultivate my existing friendships. I'm making it a goal to change this habit! In 2017 I'll be sure to stay in touch with those people I enjoy talking to.

Take more time to enjoy the little things. Be it a walk in the woods with my dog, spending time with family or any other little joy. I need to more actively acknowledge these small moments that I enjoy. What is life if it is not a small series of joys?

I look forward to a great 2017. I'll revisit this post next year to see how I did. Happy New Year!