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20 May 2017 in appletvreview

Apple TV 4 Review

I've been waiting for ages to update my Apple TV 3 to the latest version. I recently finally found an excuse to upgrade! So here is my one week review of Apple's latest TV device.

The new Apple TV really shows off its speed and power with faster start-up times. V3 took 10-15 seconds to start up at times, while V4 is on in a fraction of that time.

The setup is ridiculously smooth. Hold your iPhone or device near your Apple TV and it downloads the configuration to your WiFi and other needed settings. All I had to do is enter my iTunes password and my new device was setup!

The Siri remote is a cute addition. Voice to text makes input and searching very seamless on the new device. Siri at times can still get confused but that might be my Canadian accent.

App, Apps and more Apps! Having an App store is a great addition. No more waiting for updates to maybe bring a new app or two. Most of the games are novel at best, but I do think kids will really enjoy them. I'll update my review after my nieces visit with their take on a few games.

My only complaints so far are not Apple related. I find the V4 Netflix app a bit lacking compared to V3. No more ratings (0 - 5 stars), shows no longer show a list of related items, and you can no longer see 'My List' from your Apple TV.

All in all, I'd recommend the upgrade if you are a heavy Apple TV user.