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08 Jul 2017 in reviewappletv

AppleTV 4 Netflix UI Review

I've posted before about how much I like the new AppleTV. Now that I have used it for a few months I wanted to expand on my review of the Netflix app.

The Good

The Netflix app has to be one of the most polished apps on the platform. The attention to details is wonderful. Navigating you can see the little details are obsessed over. Sound effects pan based on the direction you are scrolling. Highlighting a shows poster and using the Siri remote's touchpad and you can see the lighting move based on your input. Scrolling feels smoother and more natural that any other app on the platform.

The Bad

There are two bugs in this UI that drive me BONKERS. With such a polished experience these US issues seem like odd stand outs.

Issue #1: After watching which you started playing on the 'show details' screen. The UI returns to that same screen on the same episode. I get why this seems like the correct UI, but it is not. If I just finished that episode why show me a screen to play the same episode? This should be loaded with the next episode ready to play.

Issue #2: When returning to the 'home listing' screen, the UI redraws your 'recently' watched list. It might just be a slow connection but this seems off to me. There is a good 2-3 second pause after navigating back to this UI before it attempts to redraw. This leads me to try to navigate before the UI is ready.


Overall this is still the most polished app on AppleTV. It even outshines Apple's apps in overall UI and UX.