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12 Mar 2016 in facebooktwitter

I'm still bullish on Twitter

It seems like every few weeks someone writes an article about the demise of twitter. User growth has started to taper off but revenue has continued to increase. I'm not saying they are in the best position they could be in, but they are far from failing.

Twitter needs to start owning what they do well and ignoring all the crap people think they should be doing.

Twitter is not Facebook

Investors keep trying to compare Facebook and Twitter as if they are the same thing.

I believe this is why you keep seeing rumors of Twitter replacing the timeline with algorithmically ranked content. People seem to think that if you made Twitter look more like Facebook, you'd see the same growth and return on investment.

Going head to head with Facebook on their turf would be like invading Russia in the winter. You just can't win that fight.

So what does Twitter do well?

Twitter is a great app for more than it gets credit for. Here is why enjoy using twitter.

The here and now.

Twitter is the ultimate network for keeping up with that is happening now. It's not just about your social network either, your Twitter feed keeps you in touch with the world.

I'm amazed how many important world events I found out about from my Twitter feed. From Steve Jobs death to terrorist attacks, I opened Twitter and found out about these things. Then and only then did I flick on the news. Twitter is the ultimate discovery tool. ###### Technical Support

It might seems a little funny on this list but it's something more people should be aware of.

If you tweet at most of these small startups they almost always reply. They are about their social footprint and Twitter public nature seems to ensure they act faster.

Sports and Events

If you've ever been to a hockey, football or baseball game, you know there is one thing fans love doing: Yelling. It doesn't even matter at what sometimes. The ref is blind!, Your team sucks!, My team rules!, Did you see that play!?!

This experience moves almost seamlessly to Twitter. During the 2015 Stanley Cup playoffs I loved the interaction I had with other fans.

Sports stars have really embraced Twitter. A Nascar driver even got fined for tweeting during a race

We've seen sports stars hash out differences over Twitter as well as congratulate others on their accomplishments. As a fan it's amazing to see these interactions and to feel like a part of the conversation.

So what is next for Twitter?

They need to embrace and monetize what they do well. Focus on their core competencies of connecting people to the events that are happening around them in real time. With users inside and outside of their social circle.