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02 Feb 2019 in bloggatsbyghost-io

More notes on migrating my blog to Gatsby

I've nearly completed porting my blog to Gatsby. In my last few posts I outlined how I ported my ghost.io blog to GatsbyJS. Last week I pointed traffic at the new Gatsby version soft launching the new Gatsby version.

Since then, I've been still hacking away at the code. While I'm really happy with the result, my solution of using the exported JSON files from ghost.io isn't really useful when creating new posts. Last week I ended up creating my post in a Markdown editor then converting that to a one-line string for a JSON config file. That's not a user-friendly or scalable way to blog.

So I spent a little time today converting this blog to use a new format. I ended up discarding most of the old blog data and using a single JSON file to define all the posts. I've moved the content of each post out to its own Markdown file. This is the first post I'm writing with this new format and so far it is a pretty nice way to blog.

The next few things I plan to work on are:

  • Fixing up a few small bugs.
  • Improving mobile support.
  • Documentation.

At the end of all this, I'm hoping to open source the code that powers this blog.