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23 Dec 2016 in netflix

Netflix and it's missing content

I've been a long-time Netflix user. I signed up back in 2010 when they first launched their Canadian service. It's always been a product I've told people they should be using, but as we approach 2017 I'm really worried about their future offering.

First some background. When I signed up back in 2010 there was very little content in the Canadian market. I nearly cancelled after the first three free months. I really only stayed signed up because I discovered how to access the US library. From 2011 to 2015 I was a border hopper. Accessing the huge content library Netflix offered in the US.

My viewing habits might not be the norm. I always have a show that the wife and I watch together. But late at night, I love to watch random documentaries, off-beat shows and even a cheesy action movie or comedy once and a while.

This was simple and easy on US Netflix. It was workable on Canadian Netflix, but it's getting harder to do. Why you might ask. It's simple Netflix has bet huge on their own produced content.

Netflix has invested billions of dollars to produce over 100's shows this year. They have bet big on making their own content. In order to do this, they have had to cut spending elsewhere.

The amount of quality content on Netflix that is not owned by Netflix is slowly dwindling. Right now only a few are noticing it, but if this trend continues it'll be interesting to see what reaction the user base has.

My fear is that Netflix is becoming what we all tried to get away from with Cable. Large media companies (ABC, NBC, CBS) were once able to ram whatever crap down our throat they decided to put in a timeslot. There was no real alternative. Now you see Netflix, CraveTV, Shomi and most competitors in this market setting themselves up to be the new gatekeepers of media.