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28 Jan 2019 in bloggatsbyreact

New Blog! Powered by Gatsby

Okay, I know I've been negelecting this blog for too long. Why did my blogging slow down? It's complicated, I ended up leaving the remote workforce in 2016, which left me with a little less time for things like blogging. I do have good news, I'm back to working remotely and I'm hoping to blog a little more this year.

This is my first post since relaunchign my blog. I've replaced my old hosted ghost.io blog. It's now powered by GatsbyJs and hosted on Netlify. I gotta say it's been a great toolset to work with. I was able to use the exported data from ghost.io to preserve all my historical posts.

I've also tweaked the design a little. Here is a comparison of old vs new:

My next big blog project will be updating this new blog to a new format. I'd like to replace the legacy ghost.io data import with a simpler data format. Something more flexable and focused on my blogging use-case.