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26 Nov 2016 in remotework

One Week Post Remote

So I did it, just like the normal people. I got up a drove to an office 5 days this week. After so long working remotely it is quite an adjustment. I figured it'd be good to follow up my Remote Working post with an update after working at an office again.

The Bad

Commuting still sucks. This has to be the worst part. I do know this is my own fault, I knew when accepting the offer that the office would be the complete opposite side of town. I have been trying to make my commute time useful by listening to podcasts. I'm quickly running out of podcasts!

The Good

There so far is a lot more good than bad. I love the work thus far. Our team is a great group of people.

It's great to have a reason to leave the house. I know that sounds silly, but every person working remotely has had a week whereby Wednesday they are not sure if that have or have not left the house. Sometimes I'd even go work at a coffee shop just to make sure to get out.

Getting up to speed is also much easier. It's great to just have to walk a few feet or have someone be able to come over to your desk. No more fumbling with screen shares or posting screenshots to slack.

So far I think I made the right decision. It's going to take a while to adjust. I do have the bonus of a job that lets you work from home. So if I really miss being remote, I can just work from home.